What is a Show’n’Go?

A Show’n’Go is simply our name for a traditional party-style demonstration where a Distributor comes to your home or office to show our products to your guests.


We call our demonstrations Show’n’Go presentations because we like to think that they are an opportunity to Show your friends and family how they can create a safe, healthy and happy home, so they can Go and share the message with others.

Hosting your own Show’n’Go might seem a little daunting at first, but don't worry – we’re here to help.

Your Distributor will guide you through the process and provide heaps of great tips and ideas, suggestions about who to invite and even the invitations.

All you’ll need to provide some light refreshments, then relax and enjoy the presentation.

Best of all, once you’ve hosted your own Show’n’Go, you’ll receive a lifetime loyalty discount of 10% on all future orders.

It’s just one the ways we like to say thank you for helping us to spread our important message.