Ask any of our tribe and they’ll tell you that the support you’ll receive as a Nature Direct Distributor is second to none.



We provide an amazing Help Desk staff who are not only able to process your customers’ orders (and assign your commission to you), but are available to answer any questions they might have.

We also have in place an efficient warehousing and logistics solution that means your customers’ orders are delivered straight to their door.

We’ve developed an exciting suite of marketing material that’s at your disposal, from business cards to invitations, flyers to forms. We’re also big on social media. We update our official Nature Direct Facebook page regularly, have set up a separate supportive invitation-only Facebook community and even provide the tools you need to manage your own personal Nature Direct Facebook page.


And did we mention PANDA, our very own Personal Assistant Nature Direct App?

This state-of-the art app has been custom-designed to help you get the most out of your business. PANDA allows you to manage your customer database, schedule and manage your Show’n’Gos, place orders and track orders and more.

In fact, some of our Distributors think PANDA is so handy, and such an integral part of the everyday running of their business, that it should really be called the Pretty Awesome Nature Direct App.