Pollen and Dust Contol Spray

Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray is a plant based non-invasive and non-toxic solution that helps allergy sufferers by cleaning the air and removing airborne allergens such as dust, dander and pollen particles.

Over 3 million Australians suffer from airborne allergies in Australia and the number of people experiencing symptoms of hay fever and Allergic Rhinitis is ever increasing.

  Pollen and Dust Control Spray

Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray is the perfect solution to a better night’s sleep.

  • Effective and non-medicated
  • Use every day with no nasty side effects
  • Free from fragrances, preservatives and dyes
  • Safe for the environment
  • Non-toxic and non-invasive
  • Saves money and is cost effective


Areas of usage around the home:

A natural and effective emulsion, Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray attracts and traps airborne allergy particles when sprayed in the air making dust and pollen fall to the floor and other surfaces.

Great to use in:

  • bedrooms
  • living areas
  • other confined spaces.

Home renovators also love Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray. It’s the perfect solution to removing irritating dust after sanding, plastering and building work inside your home.


How to use:

Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray effectively removes allergens in any room of your home and is easy to mix. Simply add Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control concentrate and water to the spray bottle as directed.

Once the concentrate is mixed you can start enjoying cleaner air in four simple steps – close, cover, spray and wipe.

  1. Close doors and windows.
  2. Cover soft surfaces like beds with a sheet to catch particles.
  3. Spray a very fine mist liberally up high in the air and leave the room for 10-15 minutes while the emulsifying formula attracts and traps the particles before falling to the ground.
  4. Carefully fold covers inwards and remove then wipe hard surfaces with a damp Nature Direct Duster Cloth.

“As a sufferer from chronic allergies, I was excited to try Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control Spray. The air quality in my bedroom was immediately improved and I now enjoy a more restful sleep every night.” Cheryl, Victoria

“We used the Nature Direct Pollen and Dust Control spray in a room we are renovating, the air was thick with plaster dust and insulation dust. In only 15 minutes we could see and smell the difference. It was wonderful.” Clare, Victoria

How to use

Fill Revitaliser with cold water to the MAX line, add 5ml of EnviroAir™ concentrate and plug in. Top up water as required, ensuring the level does not fall below the minimum mark on the bowl. Change solution every couple of days.