Four steps to Hosting a Social

Hosting a Social couldn’t be easier and your friends and family will thank you for sharing with them how easy it can be to have a healthy, safe and happy home and most importantly your distributor will help you with the process.


Step 1
Compile your guest list

Write a list that includes the important people in your life from all your different circles:

  • Friends
  • Work colleagues
  • Family
  • Kinder/school mums
  • Neighbours
  • The girls from the gym

The ideal number of guests for a successful Social is approximately 10 people, so it’s a good idea to over-invite as there will always be people who can’t make it at the last moment. But don’t worry, they won’t miss out… see Step 3 for more information.


Step 2
Send out your invitations

There are lots of ways you can distribute your invitations. Choose the option that works best for you.

Click here to be directed to our e-invite page. Just pop in all the details about your event – day, date, time and address – and you’re ready to email it out.

Some people like to receive a personal invitation and, if you have the time, this may be the most effective way to connect.

Hi everyone, I recently attended a Nature Direct demo at <insert friend’s name> home and I was so surprised by what I learned about dangerous chemicals found in most homes. I wanted to spread the word. Come along and find out how you might be able to replace ‘nasties’ in your home with safe and affordable alternatives. It’s so much more than a cleaning party – more like a fun info session. Please feel free to bring a friend...great excuse for a catch up too!

When: <insert day, date & time>
Address: <insert your address>

Create a Facebook event for your Social presentation, and include a link to the Nature Direct website. This can be a great way to engage your guests by generating some conversations before the big day. Remember to invite your Distributor as well so she can respond to any questions!


Step 3
Compile outside orders

Let your friends know they can read about the Nature Direct range on our website – – and that they can place an order with you, or even host their own Social.

If they do decided to host their own presentation, just let your Distributor know that the booking came through you and you’ll receive a fantastic Booking Bonus – choose from a Breathe Easy Pack or an Easy Mop Floor System at up to 60% off.


Step 4
Send a little reminder

Let’s face it, life moves pretty fast for most people so it’s often helpful to send your guests a friendly reminder about your upcoming event.

You can phone, text or email them or even send them a message through Facebook! Try something along the lines of:

“I’m so looking forward to seeing you at my Nature Direct Social on Saturday. In case you need the details again, it’s at 3.00pm and my address is 123 Smith Street, Melbourne. If you’ve thought of anyone else who you think might be interested in hearing about the products, feel free to bring them along!”