Easy Mop

Floor System*

An innovative microfibre mop and patented wringer bucket that rotates at over 2600 revolutions per minute to expel the water from the mop head. No more dripping your dirty water back onto your floor!

When combined with Nature Direct SeeK Heavy Duty Super Strength Concentrate, it makes light work of your grubby floors and windows.

Floor System comprises:


Directions for use
Fill bucket with warm water and add 5ml SeeK Heavy Duty Super Strength Concentrate. The microfibre strips will gently lift and trap dust, dirt, grease and grime from the surface. Rinse mop head in the wringer bucket as required. After mopping, pop the mop head into a laundry bag for machine washing and line dry.

Product tip

To clean grout, spray surface with SeeK Heavy Duty Super Strength Concentrate Powermix solution and leave for five minutes, then agitate along the joins with the Eraser block.


* Not available in New Zealand



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